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Battery Energy Storage System Household Commercial Industry Backup Power Device Manufacturer

1. Long lifespan, large capacity, maintenance free, with a charging and discharging cycle service life exceeding 6000 times.

2. Outdoor, apartment, villa, airport, factory, and power station are used in multiple scenarios, ranging from small capacity to ultra large capacity, to meet the needs of different industries and users.

3Equipped with dual functions of heating at low temperature and cooling at high temperature, the working environment of the battery is expanded to -20 to 60 . No matter in the cold winter or hot summer, it can work smoothly.

4Accurately control all battery cells to operate at the optimal operating temperature of 10 -35 at all times. Greatly extend the battery life.

5The temperature difference between battery cells is accurately controlled within 2 . Avoid the life attenuation caused by the high temperature of the central battery.

6In the cold winter, Advanced and efficient heat pump heating technology, with a heating efficiency three times that of traditional PTC electric heating films, achieving ultra-low energy consumption.

7Independently developed silicone foam insulation technology reduces internal open space, has high temperature control efficiency and good effect, reduces losses, and is safe and efficient.

8、If you are interested in becoming our dealer/distributor/agent, please contact us and we look forward to working with you to make clean energy available to every place on the earth.

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DCBESS is a Chinese company specializing in green energy. The company's main products include portable power plants, household energy storage systems, and industrial and commercial energy storage systems. DCBESS's products use a large capacity brand new A-grade long-life lithium battery, with over 6000 charging and discharging cycles. The product quality is stable, efficient, and sustainable, and has a good reputation worldwide.


Portable power stations, household energy storage systems, and industrial and commercial energy storage systems form the complete product line of DCBESS, serving customers in over 200 countries worldwide.


The following is a parameter table for three major categories of products. If you want to purchase or become our distributor, please contact us (with a large quantity and support for OEM/ODM). DCBESS will work together with you to ensure that every place on Earth can use clean green energy. Let's take action and send us an email or phone call now.

1、Portable Power Station

The DCBESS portable power station is mainly used in the European market for outdoor camping, outdoor travel, outdoor work, large capacity and multi scenario use, solving the problem of outdoor electricity freedom. In Africa, people usually use it to meet their household electricity needs, and portable power plants are very popular due to frequent power outages in Africa.


Portable Power Station.jpg

2、Household Energy Storage System

The DCBESS household energy storage system is widely popular in Europe, especially in recent years when high inflation has led to high electricity bills for European people. You no longer worry about skyrocketing electricity bills after using DCBESS products. The two flagship products worth recommending are household all-in-one system and thermostatic household energy storage systems.The household all-in-one system integrates a controller, inverter, and lithium battery into one, making the entire product compact and ingenious, with a small footprint,reducing wiring by 90% and manual installation by over 40%.The characteristic of  thermostatic temperature household energy storage system is that it can continuously maintain the temperature of the battery within the normal temperature range, especially in winter in Europe, where temperatures below zero are extremely challenging. It can automatically heat up the lithium battery to maintain the most suitable working temperature. In the hot climate of the Middle East, it can cool down its battery like a car cooling system, greatly improving the performance and lifespan of the lithium battery, The high-tech empowerment enables DCBESS to confidently provide users with a 10-year warranty.



3、Industrial And Commercial Battery Energy Storage System

The industrial and commercial energy storage systems and power plant energy storage systems of DCBESS are commonly used in cold storage, factories, airports, solar power plants, and wind power plant projects. As is well known, cold storage must ensure power supply, otherwise meat and seafood are prone to spoilage. DCBESS provides a complete solution including solar panels, brackets, and lithium battery energy storage systems, which can ensure self-sufficiency in electricity. Solar power plants and wind power projects require the use of battery energy storage systems to regulate peak power generation periods, avoid harm to the grid during peak periods,while also reducing waste caused by abandoning power and light during peak periods.



Containerized Battery Energy Storage System

2.23MWh/5.1MWh Containerized Battery Energy Storage System, 

Widely used in solar power stations, wind power stations, thermal power stations, large cold storage backup power supply. 

By means of parallel, the maximum parallel capacity can be up to 1000MWh.



Battery Energy Storage System Backup Power Device


If you have a query regarding our product range or services, please complete thecontact form below and we'll contact you straight away.

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