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Home / News / How do you cope with the dilemma of power outages during extreme weather?

How do you cope with the dilemma of power outages during extreme weather?


In the face of the arrival of extreme weather like typhoons, power cuts are a common phenomenon. When faced with a strong typhoon that can reach the level of destroying infrastructures and buildings, municipalities will choose to cut off the power in advance in order to protect the infrastructures as well as the safety of the citizens. Otherwise, power lines can cause leakage when blown by the wind, while the strong precipitation caused by the typhoon also provides conductivity for electricity, further increasing the safety risk.

1. Typhoon power outages, protection and security also cause inconvenience

The power cuts caused by extreme typhoons are meant to protect the safety of the public, but they have also caused great inconvenience to the public. The first problem is lighting. Since typhoon days are often accompanied by heavy precipitation and are covered by dark clouds both day and night, in the event of a power failure, indoor areas will become very dim or even dark, and as a result, the movement of the public indoors will be affected.

The next problem is the storage of thermostatic items. In the event of power failure, equipment such as refrigerators, freezers and even wine coolers cannot be used normally, then it is easy to cause food to rot or damage to the wine collection. This not only affects daily life, but also causes financial losses.

Secondly, there is the problem of indoor temperature and humidity. The inability to use air-conditioning or heating properly after a power cut can lead to a rapid rise or fall in indoor temperature, which makes people feel extremely uncomfortable. If there are elderly people or patients with respiratory illnesses at home, it is also a great safety hazard for them.

How can we maintain a stable and continuous use of electricity during extreme weather conditions such as typhoons?

2. Photovoltaic storage system for stable green power

Currently, more and more users are choosing to install photovoltaic storage products. One of the most famous photovoltaic systems is the home storage system of DC TECHNOLOGIES LTD. It’s home energy storage system can quickly switch to emergency power supply mode in extreme environments such as typhoons, thunderstorms, and sudden power outages, continuously providing users with clean, stable, and safe green energy and reducing accidental property losses. In addition, DC TECHNOLOGIES home energy storage system can generate photovoltaic power with the help of solar energy during the day to meet the power needs of home users, while surplus power during the day can also be stored through DC TECHNOLOGIES home energy storage system, which can continuously deliver power at night.

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